Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a x'mas date with you guys ^^

date : x'mas day
time start : 12pm - 12 am

venue : Central Park, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
East Wing, Central Park, Jalan PJU5/7
Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810

let's celebrate together !!! merry x'mas

finally, i'm back

it's been months that i did not upload any news in my blog... so so so sorry about that. finally, i'm back... will be updating more news about be... wanna keep more up close and personal with me ? just stay tune with me...

ellisan tan

a date with me on air

my big day:)

my mv ~ wing

here's my mv ... hope u guys will love it:) NOW, u guys can sing along with this song in NEWAY...
p/s pls leave some comments no matter u guys love it or not!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

what a fabulous opportunity :)


叶准准是一名电视编导、制作人和文化艺术工作者,擅场于插画、动画、设计、节目制作等等。喜欢画画的他是《尚未戒奶》、《红姐姐》有声书绘本作者,并曾编导《反锁7号房》舞台剧以及担任《宝镜》歌舞剧总制作过程影片的编剧和导演,可谓是一个多才多艺的艺术工作者。准准更决定在剧中采用本地乐坛“彩女” ~ Ellisan 锂汕首张全新个人创作专辑的歌曲,希望可以达到舞台剧和音乐创作的交流。

Thanks a lot 准准!!! for this fabulous opportunity...


Finally.... my album was released....

finally, my very first album was released...

独一无二的我国全方位创作歌手“音乐彩女~”Ellisan锂汕已于8月24日全国发行她的首张同名专辑,专辑收录了她的8首创作歌曲,另加两个Bonus Track!10个Track各具不同曲风!同时专辑也将破天荒以4个封面推出市场!绝对让你“好看好听”!
Ellisan 的进一步的曝光,将陆续再来!

hope you guys will like it:) and thanks for being so so supportive ...


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

《翅膀》 mv 制作花絮 (1)

Is an unbelievable memories.... this is only part 1... more coming up:)

light my fire!!!

I was pleased to perform in MODA... Thanks Lucas for giving me this fabulous opportunity to sang one of my favourite song " light my fire " during the runway ...


Saturday, July 31, 2010

scenes from my 翅膀 mv part II

here are more scenes from the 翅膀 mv that produced by me , myself.... just can't wait to share !!! wish to upload and show u guys the complete mv soon:) thanks to everyone for make this mv come true...

may angel blessed...

Friday, July 30, 2010

scenes from my 翅膀 mv part I

Just can't wait to share with you guys bout my mv... hope you guys will like it:)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a "souvenir" for Broga Hill

during the shoot of my "翅膀" mv, the crew members really really put a lot of efforts. feel blessed and glad. they build a swing for me... believe it or not? a swing on the hill top???? that's really really touched my heart... coz everyone had contributed more than 100% of their effort to produce this mv... is a real gift frm u guys:) we left this "precious gift" as a souvenir on the broga hill with our signatures, loves & blesses. search it out while u are there:P

may angels blessed, xoxo...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

selections of my album cover

seem so excited as my album will be going to launch soon after working on it for so so so long!!! i have been shooting for my album cover and ended up with 2 concepts... it's hard for me to select it:) coz i'm loving 4 of them... every single piece is so unique. do me a favour and select the one u like most, so, it will be my album cover! let's select!!!


p/s: special thanks to the photographers, stylists, make up artists, hair stylists, designer, assistant photographers & my beloved friends who supported me and make my dream come true:)

further info, pls visit

the making of my mv

It's been almost a month that i didn't update my blog due to busy with all my album preparations... I had been shooting my very first personal mv named 翅膀. Thanks to everyone , the crew members, the director, the camera man, all my friends who helped and supported, Dominique Chan for the fabulous outfits and everyone who been through the hardships with me...

展开翅膀飞 继续飞
穿过云端 自由的飞翔

终于看见彩虹 愉快围绕中
多少泪水 疲惫
也不用怕 有天使陪我 追

may angel blessed u all:)


Saturday, June 12, 2010

la romantica città di Milano

I was in the country side and hill park couple days ago. and now, I'm back to the cosmopolitan capital~ Milano ( Milan in Italian ). In essence, for a tourist like me, what makes Milan interesting compared to other places is that the city is truly more about the lifestyle of enjoying worldly pleasures: a paradise for shopping, football, opera, and nightlife. Milan remains the marketplace for Italian fashion – fashion aficionados, supermodels and international paparazzi descend upon the city twice a year for its spring and autumn fairs.

meanwhile, Milan is famous for its wealth of historical and modern sights - the Duomo, one of the biggest and grandest Gothic cathedrals in the world, La Scala, one of the best established opera houses in the globe, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, an ancient and glamorous arcaded shopping gallery, the Brera art gallery, with some of the finest artistic works in Europe, the Pirelli tower, a majestic example of 1960s modernist Italian architecture, the San Siro, a huge and famed stadium, or the Castello Sforzesco, a grand medieval castle. So, one has their fair share of old and new monuments. Plus, it contains one of the world's most famous paintings - Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper.

Sono così innamorato di milano !~ I'm so in love with Milan!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

lasciando su un aereo a reazione ~leaving on a jet plane...

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go for a break. I will be in the soul-stirring cities, world famous art, waist-expanding food and wine – holidays to Italy will captivate me from the word go. The only difficulty I got is deciding which slice of this gorgeous country to plump for. hahaha:)

anyhow, really wish that this vacation will give me some inspirations. at the same time, I will be missing you guys.

bye Malesia bene & Italia sto arrivando.


p/s: bye Malesia bene & Italia sto arrivando means good bye malaysia and italy here i come!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

the making of...

all this while, i have been helping lots of models and celebrities doing their make up on the shoot... but now, i'm the one who been make over:) glad to have a bunch of professional helping me doing my make over on my very first album shooting. thanks to every one who put their efforts and creativities on helping me. without you guys, i won't have such a wonderful pictures for my album.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

letters to juliet

Well, I had a wonderful movie night with a bunch of friends and sisters:) Is so great that we could share our laughter and tears together while watching the Letters To Juliet... Love is splendid and grand and, in case you were wondering, nowhere does it “lift us up where we belong” quite as grandly as in fair Verona, where the movie — like Shakespeare — lays its scene.

For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Quote from William Shakespear’s ‘Romeo and Juliet‘
There is something to be said about a romance that lasts, and keeps the hope of love alive for as long as Romeo and Juliet has. They are the epitome of true love, and their story will continue to keep making it’s way into the mainstream.

Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is a fact checker for a newspaper,with the hopes of becoming a writer. She and her fiancé’ are about to take a trip to Italy before the wedding, since he has a new restaurant opening very soon. This will be their honeymoon, before the wedding. Little did she know that while in Tuscany, her fiancé would be more worried about finding ingredients and recipes for his restaurant rather than spending a romantic honeymoon with her.

During her time alone, Sophie visits the home of Juliet, where women from all over write letters to her and place them on a wall. Sophie is fascinated by this, and ends up helping the Secretary’s of Juliet respond to the letters, when a brick falls out of the wall, exposing a very old letter. Sophie responds and the next thing she knows, the woman who wrote the original letter, Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), has come back to Tuscany to find her Lorenzo that she stood up 50 years ago. With nothing left to do, Sophie tags along as Claire and her less than eager grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan) on their adventure to find Claire’s true love.

Vanessa Redgrave is fantastic in her role. She is funny, passionate, and quite splendid to watch on screen. It is inspiring to see that she has never really given up on true love. Amanda Seyfried is always appealing on screen. Christopher Egan is absolutely charming.

Still, the movie was romantic and fun! I fell in love with the views of Italy as they made their way throughout the villages in their quest for Lorenzo. This is a movie for anyone that believes in romance and true love.

"l'amore ed il destino sono nell'aria, la afferrano prima è troppo ritardati" ~ this means love and destiny are in the air, grab it before is too, express your love to the people you really love and care coz there are no expiry date for true love.

ti amo tipi xoxo

p/s so in love with italian after watch this movie:) thats y wrote some italian here to share with you guys...
ti amo tipi means I love u guys in italian.... hahaha

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my prince charming ~ DANE

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made."-- M.Facklam

I'm totally agree with the quote by M. Facklam... Dane is my prince charming. he is my close friend, my partner, my defender ,my baby... I'm his life, his love and his leader. he is always mine no matter I m up or down, faithful and true accompany pass through all my the last beat of his heart!!!

my working days.....

times is like a shooting star. it pass extremely quick!!! I realised that I have spend years to compose my songs and produces my own music. for me, everything is so worth coz the process, hardships, happiness and sadness that i have been through make me a better and stronger person.I know that life can be hard while I try to achieve my dream and I accept that as part of the natural order of things. In fact, if I didn't have the hard times, I couldn't appreciate the complete joy of the good times, either!

I am reminded of the well-known statement, "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger!" This is so true. even when I feel as if I cannot bear any more, I persevere and I come out of the situation knowing that I am stronger than ever. overcoming hardships also brings me the confidence to face new challenges. If I did it once, twice, or many times, I know I can do it again!
Because of past experience, I also know with certainty that "this, too, shall pass." It gives me the strength to continue on regardless of the circumstances.

anyhow, i still need thanks all my family, friends and working partners who share all this "precious moments" with me during my music journey.


Sunday, May 30, 2010


" NO MUSIC , NO LIFE!!!" coz we always listen to different types of music as we go about our daily activities. What is music? Well, everyone has his or her own definition of music which might different from others.

This really mean a lot to me... for me, music and colors are part of our life. I love the feelings conveyed, and i believe it is true, without music, hell, just sounds in general nothing is the same. music is an art. Just like other work of arts. music can have universal appeal and be remembered for hundreds of years. As a great piece of art, music encourages repeated listening, performance and study.

that's why, i tried my very best to produce and express my feelings through music. coz it is an expressive language where it can communicate and express feelings and images as well as generates aesthetic responses. music can generate such feelings of joy. Sorrow, pain, love, merriment, sadness and others.

even my work is not a perfect piece, but i do work it from the bottom of my heart and wish to share with everyone:)

live, life long with MUSIC!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my musical journey

I suppose it all began when I was young and tender. I was told that I used to sing perfect harmonies while performed in kindergaten and sang the tunes of the day. from then onwards, I love performing and enjoy every moments on stage... now, i'm trying to achieve my dream and produce my very first album:)