Sunday, May 30, 2010


" NO MUSIC , NO LIFE!!!" coz we always listen to different types of music as we go about our daily activities. What is music? Well, everyone has his or her own definition of music which might different from others.

This really mean a lot to me... for me, music and colors are part of our life. I love the feelings conveyed, and i believe it is true, without music, hell, just sounds in general nothing is the same. music is an art. Just like other work of arts. music can have universal appeal and be remembered for hundreds of years. As a great piece of art, music encourages repeated listening, performance and study.

that's why, i tried my very best to produce and express my feelings through music. coz it is an expressive language where it can communicate and express feelings and images as well as generates aesthetic responses. music can generate such feelings of joy. Sorrow, pain, love, merriment, sadness and others.

even my work is not a perfect piece, but i do work it from the bottom of my heart and wish to share with everyone:)

live, life long with MUSIC!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my musical journey

I suppose it all began when I was young and tender. I was told that I used to sing perfect harmonies while performed in kindergaten and sang the tunes of the day. from then onwards, I love performing and enjoy every moments on stage... now, i'm trying to achieve my dream and produce my very first album:)