Thursday, May 27, 2010

my musical journey

I suppose it all began when I was young and tender. I was told that I used to sing perfect harmonies while performed in kindergaten and sang the tunes of the day. from then onwards, I love performing and enjoy every moments on stage... now, i'm trying to achieve my dream and produce my very first album:)


  1. I agree with you ellisan,
    For me it was part of my life too,the way i express my feeling and mood ;release my tension
    in the same way.

    That's why the karaoke always full. The residents in the city love it so much no matter any age range.Music was timeless business!! I wish you all the best in music journey.

    chicken wing

  2. My dear friend Ellisan,
    we always sport you all the time,
    wish you all the best your dream first album coming. ^o^
    have you great day journey with family, friends and life..