Saturday, July 31, 2010

scenes from my 翅膀 mv part II

here are more scenes from the 翅膀 mv that produced by me , myself.... just can't wait to share !!! wish to upload and show u guys the complete mv soon:) thanks to everyone for make this mv come true...

may angel blessed...

Friday, July 30, 2010

scenes from my 翅膀 mv part I

Just can't wait to share with you guys bout my mv... hope you guys will like it:)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a "souvenir" for Broga Hill

during the shoot of my "翅膀" mv, the crew members really really put a lot of efforts. feel blessed and glad. they build a swing for me... believe it or not? a swing on the hill top???? that's really really touched my heart... coz everyone had contributed more than 100% of their effort to produce this mv... is a real gift frm u guys:) we left this "precious gift" as a souvenir on the broga hill with our signatures, loves & blesses. search it out while u are there:P

may angels blessed, xoxo...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

selections of my album cover

seem so excited as my album will be going to launch soon after working on it for so so so long!!! i have been shooting for my album cover and ended up with 2 concepts... it's hard for me to select it:) coz i'm loving 4 of them... every single piece is so unique. do me a favour and select the one u like most, so, it will be my album cover! let's select!!!


p/s: special thanks to the photographers, stylists, make up artists, hair stylists, designer, assistant photographers & my beloved friends who supported me and make my dream come true:)

further info, pls visit

the making of my mv

It's been almost a month that i didn't update my blog due to busy with all my album preparations... I had been shooting my very first personal mv named 翅膀. Thanks to everyone , the crew members, the director, the camera man, all my friends who helped and supported, Dominique Chan for the fabulous outfits and everyone who been through the hardships with me...

展开翅膀飞 继续飞
穿过云端 自由的飞翔

终于看见彩虹 愉快围绕中
多少泪水 疲惫
也不用怕 有天使陪我 追

may angel blessed u all:)